One girls journey to healthy living

Go ahead. Ask away. =)   SW: 273
CW: 257.1
GW1: 250
GW2: 220
GW3: "one-derland"
UGW: 170
Body Fat: 36%
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My ultimate goal is to not be stick thin or especially toned. I want to be healthy and curvy. 170lbs is the healthy weight for my body type and current body fat percentage. It may or may not change as I progress.


We’re just a few days out from Halloween (I hope you all have awesome costumes in the works!) and I thought this info would be helpful. A healthy lifestyle should never be about deprivation so have fun, enjoy your night, eat some chocolate and sugar and goodies but think about keeping some of this in mind! 

The last tip is really the most important, to just have fun, to not spend your night worrying about calories but rather focusing on your friends. Your overall experience will be better, you’ll have more fun, and, honestly, it’s hard to be healthy when all you’re thinking about is food so focus on what really matters. The nutrition charts (for me at least) help with this because it gives me an idea beforehand of generally what I’d like to have and takes the guess work out of the night. (Also I think it’s a helpful reality check to realize just how many calories/carbs actually are in these “mini” or “fun size” bars because I was surprised at how much was in the chocolate ones and how little was in the Smarties!).

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Long time no see guys!

I haven’t been here in about a year, lots of changes in my life and I’m happy to say I’m getting back into my fitness.

Me and my boyfriend just joined the gym together and I will be keeping you all updated on my workouts and nutrition.

Stay tuned!

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To all the calorie counters out there, all too relatable!

“It doesn’t count if…”

SO guilty at the “it doesn’t count” if it comes off of someone else’s plate. Mainly the boy’s…So doesn’t count. 

Hahaha too accurate for life. “Ohh… it’s broken…”


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I’ve been slacking off with my goals this past month but I’m back now. Life just hit me really hard for a couple of weeks but my head is on straight and I’m going to get the ball rolling again. How have you all been with keeping up on your goals?

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